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Where your creativity meets our expertise and engineering prowess to revolutionize the world of racing
We encourage you to share with us your theories and ideas about racing accessories. We will prototype them and test them with world famous racers and engineers. If they find them worthy and ingenious – we will help you launch the product worldwide. Become the author of the next big thing in racing!
Choose your craft:
If you are into racing and motorsport, this is for you. You will be able to show your ideas to the professional constructors and receive their approval, guidance and support
Build and test your own vehicle

Prototype the various parts of your car with the expertise of our community and find the one that fits best.

Make your own pilot gear

Show us your thoughts about what would improve the driver’s life. A better helmet? A more flexible glove? Question everything to find a better solution.


Motorsport is also movement and lifestyle. What would help us move more efficiently? How would you improve a racing team’s life? Be it communication, bags, watches, electric devices – you can offer us your view on the matter.

If you dream to see your ideas implemented in the stock cars all around the world, you will have your chance. Present your innovations to discuss and improve them with the engineering and construction experts to shape them into a part of a future model.

Show off your custom tuning and share your engineering prowess with others. What parts have you used or created? How did you modify the engine? How it affected the performance? Tell us, and we’ll see if it deserves a worldwide fame.


Everyone wants to sport a beautiful car – it is a competition in itself. Do you know how to make a car stand out on the road? Share your knowledge! Imagine if your vision takes form of a styling kit and make its way to the market – we would like it, too!


A car is more than a moving object, it’s a complex of details to make the life of the driver or the passengers safer, more enjoyable and more comfortable. If you see how to improve on any of that – share it with the world. With all the grand brands looking forward to tap the potential of the crowd mind, every innovation has a chance to become the next standard!

how it works
Submit your project
No matter what you have in mind, the possibilities are endless! Describe your project, provide us with the schematics – be it a small piece of hardware or a driver’s accessory – we will analyze it ourselves and seek the review of a renowned engineer or a racer.
Pass the test

An idea is never isolated – it evolves with thinking and exposure to like-minded enthusiasts. We will show your project to the experts in racing and industry and hear what they have to say. Also, we will publish your work so that the potential users of your project can see and contribute to its development with their opinions and insights.

We believe in the value of feedback – that is why we use it on and

Make it

When all is said and done, or in your case – discussed and approved, we will make a prototype of your product. We command the capacities of the top-notch park of advanced 3D-printing facilities ready to construct your product and submit it to the field test. We will hand the prototype to the renowned practitioners of motorsports so that they can experience your idea firsthand.

Our 3D-printing partners are, and as for our experts… You WILL know them when they test your product!

Get a mark
The field test will have one of the three possible results: a definitive “No”, a promising “Maybe” or a much desired “Give me that!”. If there is a “No” said by an experienced engineer, that’s tough luck, but you can’t really argue with that. A “Maybe” would mean the need to tweak and modify the project based on the field test – and the expert will tell you what is missing. A “Give me that!” is basically the start of the world fame for your idea and the next step in our algorithm!
the world
This is it! If the expert and the practitioners’ community praises your project and expresses the desire to have it on the market – we will make it happen! We will contact the industrial companies all around the world to have the first batch of your project produced and brought to the market. We will also provide our advertisement capacities to kick-start the sales! Based on the market success of the pilot lot, we will decide the future of the product, and YOU as the author will have your share in the sales from now on!
We provide you with the means of bringing your product to the market while guaranteeing your fair share of the profits made by your idea!
The world leading companies are already doing this to diversify and attract talented people and creative ideas in exchange for their sheer industrial power, and we are doing the same!
Join us and make your idea
the Next Big Thing in Racing!
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